Helene Makani

Helene Makani

Keynote speaker

Helene Makani (Danish, lives in Norway) has worked as an Enneagram teacher for more than 25 years.

She holds a M.A. in Literature and is a certified NLP Master Trainer.

She studied the Enneagram with Helen Palmer and David Daniels and was one of the first to teach the Enneagram in Denmark, where she has trained many thousand people.In 1997 she wrote the book “Enneagrammet – din personlige udviklingsvej” (revised ed. 2009), which was later translated into English and Russian. For many years she worked internationally, teaching the Enneagram in many countries such as Cyprus, Belarus, Lithuania, Russia and Ukraine. She has also been a presenter at IEA conferences in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and USA (Minnesota).

Currently Helene works mainly as an Enneagram coach and as a mentor for aspiring Enneagram Trainers and Coaches in Norway. It is her vision to build a strong Enneagram community in Norway, as she sees the Enneagram as a wonderful tool for personal awakening. 

For more information go to this webpage: Makani kurs & Coaching