Berne Perslien

Berne Perslien

Keynote speaker

I started out as a researcher in the biomedical world but have now been working in the field of leadership, personal development and organizational change processes since 1980. The Enneagram has been my main tool in coaching and mentoring since the late 1990´s. I have also lectured on the Enneagram in Sweden, mainly in value driven NGOs of different kinds.


I’ve been married to Chi for 48 years and together we have 3 children and 6 grandchildren. During wintertime Chi, myself and our much beloved dog Aussie (a flatcoated retriever) live in Stockholm and during the other half of the year at our summer house in Östergötland county.


Curiosity has been a driving force in me: for exploration and development, which have strongly influenced and colored my life. Orientating oneself in this world, coping with life’s challenges and enabling interaction with people have been a major part of my life. John Donne wrote: ”No man is an island”. How very true. However, I cannot understate the importance of self-knowledge in relating to other people and the Enneagram is a powerful tool in this context. So, the adventures of exploring life brings me to the longest journey: the journey to my innermost of myself.


Shame is the reason behind my first encounter with the Enneagram. A European colleague had challenged me to read about the Enneagram twice and I couldn´t face him a third time without having read. My wife and I read together and from then on we´ve had a powerful tool for self-understanding and habitual transformation which made all the difference in our lives.