Guidelines for presenters

IEA Membership Requirement 

You must be a current IEA Global Member in order to submit a proposal for consideration for being a presenter for the paths. Since this is an IEA Regional conference we would also like to know, short description, what you have done for an IEA affiliate or chapter. 


Background, Bio and Description

All proposals must be submitted in English. Submissions will request the following information: 

Background Information: Your education and experience as it pertains to the proposal you are


  • BIO (50 word maximum): Information about the presenter(s). This will be shown in the conference program, so be sure to submit it exactly as you would like it to appear if selected
  • Presentation Description (200 word maximum): Clear and concise description of the session. This description will appear in the conference program, so be sure to submit it exactly as you would like it to appear if selected
  • Expanded Presentation Description (500 word maximum): If you intend on having something other than a regular presentation, we want you to describe fully what your proposed conference session will be like, including the timing of different components, e.g. small groups, exercises, movements and a brief description of what would be included in each of those components – what tools, technologies you would like to use to engage the audience
  • Video Presentation - optional (2 minutes maximum): You are invited to send us a video describing your presentation. You will need to upload the video during the submission process. Note: videos will be viewed by the conference program committee and can be presented on the conference website if you are selected



The conference will offer sessions presented in English only and with no translation.  


Selection process 

We have a process in which we rate proposals according to our chosen identified criteria. The conference program committee then creates the program based on the most highly ranked proposals.  


We will review and rate proposals based on the following criteria: 

  • Clarity in the description of the topic, objectives, and methods. 
  • A realistic relationship between the stated objectives and the given time. 
  • Innovative approaches - does it offer something new in the Enneagram community? 
  • The knowledge, experience, and competence of the presenter/presenters. 
  • Scientific and/or research-based sessions. 


IEA Nordic Enneagram Conference program committee

Once the proposals have been assessed, we will award the final decisions based on background information relevant to the proposed content, including but not limited to: the written application, video presentation, experience with the topic, originality, research and publications, if available; and available feedback from previous conferences.

Consideration is given to first time presenters. 


Other guidelines and preconditions 

It is expected that each presentation will thoughtfully engage the audience with a dynamic presentation style and compelling methodology. Group participation and experiential exercises are encouraged. 

Please have in mind that the presentation has a time slot of maximum 90 minutes. 

All presentations must be done in English – there will be no translations. 


Deadline to submit proposal: September 26th 2021 

Notification: You will be notified of your submission status by the end of October 2021. 


If you have any questions about the proposal guidelines or the screening process, please contact: 

Tom Johansen, tomejoh@ 



Please note that travel expenses, accommodation and the basic costs for the conference (at cost price) will be at your own expense. Presenters are therefore responsible for booking and paying for their own travel arrangements, hotel reservations, evening meals and other (lunch, morning and afternoon coffee/tea, Saturday´s dinner during the conference is included in the conference price). 

Presenters pay a basic conference fee of 3 900 SEK (other participants 5 900 SEK) 

Hotel rooms at Scandic Star should be booked directly here 


Material and handouts 

As we know that many participants are interested in receiving your handout, slides or material (if any), we suggest the following possibilities to share your material: 

Handouts, slides, material – bring your own copies for the participants. 

Handouts, slides, material – to save costs you may choose to have your material uploaded on the 

this website for free download. The material will have to be in a pdf-file format. 


Proposal form

Below please find the link to the application form which we kindly ask you to fill in and submit by September 26th 2021 at the latest. Use the link below to reach the proposal form. 

The Nordic Enneagram conference team are looking forward to having an inspiring and outstanding conference offering a multitude of perspectives on the Enneagram from all over the world.