For presenters

For presenters

The IEA Affiliates of Denmark, Norway and Sweden are pleased to announce the physical, in-person conference “TOGETHER AGAIN with a human touch” and hereby invite you to present and actively participate at the IEA Nordic Enneagram Conference 2022. 


For the conference we would like to emphasize the value and importance of being on the forefront on research and science as well as having an intention and openness for developing the Enneagram and ourselves. 

The IEA Nordic Enneagram Conference theme is TOGETHER AGAIN with a human touch.

Please consider the theme when writing your proposal. 

Deadline to submit proposal: September 26th 2021

While the theme may not directly correlate with your work, we invite you to be creative about ways in which you can bring your vital work into the theme. 

Variations for participating: 

We offer the participants the opportunity of three different variants of sessions (all 90 minutes each). See the descriptions of variant A, B and C below. 

A: Presentation

(This is the variant as we are used to in most conferences)  

The presenter(s) offers a session on a topic from one (or several) of the different categories (Business & Consulting, Relationships, Bodywork, Science & Research, Spirituality, Social responsibility) – see category descriptions below.

Either through a regular presentation/lecture or a workshop or a mix.
We prefer encouraging sessions that involve interaction with the participants in some way as well as new findings, theories, ideas, research and scientific findings to offer a fresh input to the Enneagram community. 


In order to most effectively serve our conference attendees, we will be providing conference paths so that areas of interest can be quickly and easily identified.

Conference categories: 

  • Business & Consulting (e.g., sales, team, leadership, communication, organization development, a.o.) 
  • Relationships (e.g., coaching, therapy, children, sexuality and intimacy, family, a.o.) 
  • Bodywork (e.g., movement, voice, breathing, yoga a.o.) 
  • Science & Research (e.g., neuroscience, tests a.o.) 
  • Spirituality (e.g., practices, heartfulness, mindfulness, meditation, a.o.) 
  • Social responsibility (e.g., Community building, JEDI (justice, equity, diversity, inclusion) a.o.) 
  • Other (Please describe in proposal) 

B: Circling the types in relationships

About relations in important and close relationships with a partner/child/parent/friend.

This will be sessions where a coach/therapist/counselor together with a panel of each of the nine types dives deep into how this specific type manifests in relationships.

Using prepared questions and questions from the audience (like: “What do people of this type need and look for in a relationship?”, “What happens if they don´t get what they look for?”, “What is important and what is not?”, “What do others not get about this type?”). So, we want to show the audience how the type works in relationships, by interacting or in some way involving the head, heart and body in their enneagram type.  


If you are a coach/therapist/counselor and would like to facilitate/lead this, please let us know how you would like to go about this session and with what/which type/types you would like to do this. 

There will be 9 timeslots so that each type is given a 90-minute-session.  

Whether or not you would like to be a coach/therapist/counsellor for one of these nine sessions, we also ask you to please consider volunteering for being on the panel for your type. 

C: Debate and discussion  

This will be sessions with two facilitators, preferably with different views or input on a specific subject. They will lead, keep the debate on track and actively engage the participants in a debate and discussion on a given topic.  

Here participants will be expected to kick-in with their knowledge and ideas to inspire the group. Both facilitators and participants contribute in (perhaps) building or finding something new within the chosen topic aiming for new views, ideas and angles of approach on the subject.  


As a facilitator you suggest a subject for one of the conference categories: 

  • Business & Consulting
  • Relationships
  • Bodywork
  • Science & Research
  • Spirituality
  • Social responsibility


The title of the different discussion groups could be, but feel free to propose other: 

  • A new approach to using the Enneagram in business environments
  • How do we use the Enneagram in relations?
  • How to create willingness and motivation to change
  • Best practices in making the Enneagram known in countries, communities and to people in general 


If there is a particular person that you would like to facilitate together with, please nominate that person in your application. The program committee will have the final decision on who is selected to be facilitator pairs on the different topics – and together with the selected facilitators we will agree on the final topic for each of the discussion groups. 


The end result of what has been discussed in each of the groups will be presented for the whole group of conference participants on Sunday by the facilitators.