About the Enneagram

The Enneagram

The Enneagram is a nine-pointed figure inscribed in a circle. The meaning of the symbol itself, together with the personality types organized around the nine points, convey a system of knowledge about nine distinct but interrelated personality types, or nine ways of seeing and experiencing the world.

The Enneagram of personality is a versatile and powerful personality typing system. Each personality type associated with the Enneagram represents a map of traits that highlights patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving. By learning one’s type and the patterns and habits associated with that type, one can use of the Enneagram system as an effective tool for self-understanding and self-development. 

The Enneagram symbol and the personality types associated with it have ancient roots. Traces of it can be found in the early mystical forms of many of the world’s spiritual teachings.

Today, knowledge of the Enneagram system is growing all around the world. The insights about human functioning and development are being applied in many varied areas including psychology and psychotherapy, business, the arts, health care, parenting, education, and spiritual growth.

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The Enneagram:

The name enneagram means “drawing of nine” and comes from two Greek words: ennea meaning “nine” and gram meaning “drawing” or “figure.”

Enneagram of personality

Type descriptions

Each Enneagram personality type, or style, is based on a pattern of where attention goes. By learning about what kinds of things one habitually attends to and puts energy into, one can observe oneself more accurately and develop more self-awareness. By enhancing one’s self awareness with the help of the Enneagram, one can exercise more choice about one’s functioning rather than engaging in patterns of thought, emotion, and behavior in an automatic, habitual, unconscious way. Below there is a brief description of the nine different patterns. 

Type 1

The Reformer

Type 2

The Helper

Type 3

The Acchiever

Type 4

The Individualist

Type 5

The Investigator

Type 6

The Loyalist

Type 7

The Enthusiast

Type 8

The Challenger

Type 9

The Peacemaker

Ones are conscientious people who are concerned about doing the right thing. They are always looking for opportunities for improvements. They are well-organized, decent people. At their best they are wise, realistic and fair. 

Twos are empathetic, sincere, and heartfelt people who are concerned about being there for others. They are aware of the needs of others, happy to help and support where needed. At their best, twos are loving, caring, helpful and generous people.

Threes are hardworking and efficient people which appear confident, attractive and charming. They are committed to success. They are always busy and master having many projects at once. They thrive in competitive environments. At their best, threes can be inspiring role models. 

Fours are emotionally charged and deep. It is important for them to live intensely. They have their very own ability to enhance impressions with colourful depictions. Fours can fluctuate greatly in emotions from the ecstatic to the deep melancholy. At their best fours can turn everyday life into something unique.

Fives thirst for information and knowledge and use emotional detachment as a way of keeping involvement with others to a minimum. They live uncomplicated lives and value their independence.

These are loyal people who take responsibility and work hard. They are concerned about trust; it is important for them to be able to trust people. They are often prepared for something to go wrong and take precautions in most situations. 

Sevens are positive, optimistic people. They are active, like to experience new, exciting things and experience the world full of opportunities. They do not like to be deprived of choices. They are good networkers and often have large social networks. Often initiates new projects and might not always finish.  

Eight have a notion that life is a battle and that the strongest win.  They are driven towards gaining control of their surroundings and can be both dominate and protective. They are resourceful and determined. They are often impatient, fearless in confrontations and are very protective of those close to them. A harsh appearance often hides their vulnerability. 

Nines seek peace and harmony in life. They are rarely the source of any conflicts and want to contribute to a greater extent to everyone having a good time together. They tend to disconnect from their own needs and become too lenient to keep the peace. They often appear calm, they have faith that things will work out in time, which can be provocative to their surroundings.