Stockholm 2022


The Nordic Enneagram Affiliates are delighted to welcome you to Stockholm the 26-29th of May 2022.  

This conference will be a tactile experience with lots of things to be a part of from early morning to late night when we meet and can be Together again with a human touch. 

In addition to presenters sharing their findings, teachings and methods, we will have workshops, discussion groups and playful enactment between the participants.

Relationships are central in ”circling the types” where we go through all Enneagramtypes in nine individual panel sessions. You will for sure meet some of today’s most interesting and knowledgeable Enneagram-enthusiasts in the world.

We’re looking forward to meeting you again! 

Ann Timm

Conference Chair


"The fuel for life"

Russ Hudson

Join the preconference to experience this workshop with Russ Hudson. 

Keynote and Endnote speakers

A few of the presenters

Meet Beatrice Chestnut and Uranio Paes

in a two-day course in Stockholm

MAY 30-31